John Main Christian Meditation - WCCM

By means of the mantra we leave behind all passing images

and learn to rest in the infinity of God himself.

- John Main O.S.B.

Christian Meditation Miscellaneous Items

Meditation Chime
Meditation Chime
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A calming, single tone chime from Woodstock Chimes (Zenergy, Solo Silver).
Ideal for starting and ending meditation for those who don't wish to use the timed silence CD option.

Dimensions:  1" H x 7" W x 2" D
Materials:  Cherry finish ash wood, 1 silver polished aluminum rod.

Rack Card / Large Bookmark
Price $4.99 for 25
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A handy card to have when sitting down to meditate, to pass out in your community, or to give to a friend.

This card has a couple of poignant quotes from Fr. John Main, and Christian Meditation contact information on the front.
The back has instructions on how to meditate, sample opening and closing prayers from Fr. John, all placed over a background photo of Fr. John.

Dimensions:  3¾" x 8¼" (9.5cm x 21cm)
Materials:  Premium 80-lb card stock. Color glossy finish on the front and black & white matte finish on the back.

Pewter Cross,
Benedictine Styled
Price $15.99
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Designed by Benedictine Monks in Vermont, U.S.A.

These crosses make a lovely gift.  They are also a reminder of our connection with Fr. John, who was a Benedictine monk - as is Fr. Laurence - and our common pre-schism Christian heritage.

Approx Dimensions:  1" x 1" (2.5cm x 2.5cm)
Materials:  Fine Pewter with Black Neck Cord - Gift Boxed

Take a look at the John Main Christian Meditation Facebook page

for reflections from Fr. John Main, and others, about this wonderful Christian tradition.