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By means of the mantra we leave behind all passing images
and learn to rest in the infinity of God himself.
- John Main O.S.B.
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Christian Meditation
"Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

Fr. John Main, O.S.B.

"In the Christian tradition, the experience of prayer, the experience of meditation, is of unity, of oneness.
It is an experience that changes the whole of our perception of reality.
We see reality as a whole, unified by the basic energy of the cosmos, which is the energy of love.
This is the message of the truth that sets us free."
John Main O.S.B.,
Moment of Christ, p. 41.


A Child's Way, Jeannie BattaginA Child's Way
Jeannie Battagin
Price $17.95
Status: Out of Stock

This book is designed to provide inspiration, support and specific resources for creating and sustaining the practice of Christian Meditation among children, from first grade through to the eighth grade. Her spiritual journey and specifically practice of Christian Meditation has been influenced by an inner calling to teach children this form of prayer. This book is particularly useful for teachers, parents and grandparents who feel the call to teach Christian Meditation to children.

Bede Griffiths, The Modern Spirituality SeriesBede Griffiths:
The Modern Spirituality Series
Price $4.95
Status: In Stock

Bede Griffiths is considered to be one of the greatest mystics and thinkers of the century. In this anthology we find his unique combination of Eastern insight and Christian wisdom throws light on many problems facing the world today. The Modern Spirituality Series presents selections from twentieth-century spiritual writers in a form suitable for daily reading and meditation.

Born Contemplative, Madeleine SimonBorn Contemplative
Madeleine Simon
Price $11.95
Status: In Stock

This book helps adults who care for children to share in their openness and longing for God in the silence, stillness and simplicity of Christian meditation.  An invitation at the end of each chapter encourages the reader to respond not only to the content but, more importantly, to the experience of sharing the prayer of silence with children. The book will help practicing meditators who are looking for a way to introduce meditation to children.  It will also encourage those who have not practiced meditation to begin in the interest of children.

Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis, Sarah Bachelard
Experiencing God in a Time of Crisis
Sarah Bachelard
Price $13.95
Status: In Stock
Sarah Bachelard, an Anglican priest and theologian, explains that there are critical times in our lives, moments of profound loss, grief and fear in which our frameworks of sense seem to collapse and no longer enable us to convey meaning to overwhelming events or even to life itself. She suggests that the practice of meditation and contemplative living may help us endure and integrate such turning-point experiences, and bring our life and identity into a deeper wholeness.

Conferences, John CassianJohn Cassian:
(Classics of Western Spirituality)
Colm Luibheid (Translator)
Price $21.95
Status: In Stock

This book was recommended by Dom John Main.
This book includes modern translations of Cassian's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th and 18th Conferences.
"If you wish to achieve true knowledge of scripture you must hurry to achieve unshakeable humility of heart. This is what will lead you not to the knowledge that puffs a man up but to the love which illumines through the achievement of love"
John Cassian (c. 365-c. 435)

John Main: The Expanding VisionJohn Main:
The Expanding Vision
Price $16.95
Status: In Stock

This book is a compilation of talks given at the 2007, John Main Seminar.  They include: Charles Taylor, the leading contemporary philosopher, who considers the place of religion and spirituality in human society, Laurence Freeman, John Main's successor, who reflects on spirituality in a globalised world, Sarah Bachelard, an Anglican priest and lecturer in theology in Australia, on the contemplative dimension in theology, Yvon Theroux, Professor of Religion in Montreal, who asks whether John Main is a prophet for our times.

Meditation & EducationMeditation & Education
Price $3.95
Status: In Stock

This booklet is a guide for those - especially teachers - who want to introduce primary/elementary school children to a daily meditation practice.  It offers a practical way to follow the teaching of Jesus who knew how much we can learn with children: for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.

My Happy Heart, Gregory Ryan
My Happy Heart:
Prayer of the Heart
Gregory Ryan
Price $14.95
Status: In Stock

This beautiful and valuable book can open the treasures of the tradition of contemplative prayer to the young, the very people we must be concerned about for the future of our world.  There is nothing more important to teach them than how to find and enter and stay in tune with their own heart.  To live with a spiritual vision.  To sense the sacredness of life, to see God in and behind everyday appearances

Return to the Center, Bede GriffithsReturn to the Center
Bede Griffiths

Price $18.95
Status: In Stock

Here Bede Griffiths offers the fruits of a lifetime spent in prayer and meditation. Griffiths is convinced that modern man has lost touch with the center of his own life and therefore with life itself. We must return to the center, "the place of meeting where the different religious traditions of the world have their source," so that we may live again. He harmonizes Hindu and Buddhist insight with the Christian vision of the Word made flesh through the Spirit of God's love.

A Christian Approach to Advatic Experience

Price $20.95
Status: On Back Order

This book was recommended by Dom John Main.
Abhishiktananda was born as Henri Le Saux in 1910 in France. He entered the Benedictine Abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan at age 19, until his departure for India nineteen years later. He felt called to establish a contemplative foundation in the Indian Church or at least to live as a contemplative there.

In 1948, Le Saux joined another French priest in India, Jules Monchanin, in founding a contemplative community that they envisioned as both fully Indian and fully Christian. This is Saccidananda Ashram or the Hermitage of the Most Holy Trinity at Shantivanam in Tamil Nadu.

Silence into Service, Fr. Gerry Pierse
Silence into Service
Fr. Gerry Pierse
Price $12.95
Status: On Back Order

In this book, Fr Gerry Pierse shows the further movement from the silence of meditation into enriched and meaningful service.  Starting with John Main's very simple instruction on how to Meditate, Fr. Pierse offers a sries of insights into the Christian tradition of meditation and how meditation relates to other traditions and methods of prayer.  He then turns to a series of reflective pieces on meditation itself, how it is done and how it relates to many of the major issues and concern of today's Christians.  Finally, he shows how sustained meditation leads one to a more active, productive and enriching ministry as a member of the People of God.

The Art of Allowing, Louis HughesThe Art of Allowing:
The Breath in Meditation and in Life

Louis Hughes, O.P.
Price $22.95
Status: In Stock

Breathing is not something that we ever need to do - we need only allow it to happen inside us. The breath is never "my breath" - it does not belong to us. It is in some way greater than us, and it brings us life. This is a conviction that has slowly grown on the author through almost forty years of practicing body prayer and meditation. As well as offering a series of exercises in deepening your skills in breathing, this book covers the constructive use of breathing in movement, healing, stillness and general well being.

The Business of SpiritThe Business of Spirit
Peter Ng, Kok Song, Laurence Freeman & Sean Hagan
Price $8.95
Status: In Stock

Two successful leaders from the financial world share their insights on leadership and in particular how the practice of meditation has helped them form and apply these insights both in their work and across their lives. Peter Ng Kok Song, Chief Investment Officer at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, speaks on the attributes of leadership and how meditation bears fruit in self-transcending leadership. Sean Hagan, General Counsel of the International Monetary Fund, speaks about how the practice of meditation has made him a better decision maker and manager.

The Cloud of UnknowingThe Cloud of Unknowing
& the Book of Privy Counseling

Edited by, William Johnston
Price $9.95
Status: In Stock

This book was recommended by Dom John Main.
William Johnston, an authority on fourteenth century spirituality and specifically on the writings of this unknown author, provides a substantive and accessible introduction detailing what is known about the history of this text and its relevance throughout the ages. Also included here is the author's other principal work, The Book of Privy Counseling, a short and moving text on the way to enlightenment through a total loss of self and consciousness only of the divine.

The New Creation in Christ, Bede GriffithsThe New Creation in Christ:
Christian Meditation and Community

Bede Griffiths
Price $9.95
Status: In Stock

This book explores the tradition of Christian meditation and shows how new forms of community arise out of the inner journey which so many are now seeking and following. Bede reveals what this means to the Church and its place in the world family of religions.
"We have our own unique way through revelation in Christ and through the Church," Bede Griffiths says. "We try to share that with others, but we recognize that God has revealed himself in other ways to other people, and so we try to recognize their values. Respect for other people's religion and culture is the crucial thing and, I think, on the whole this is the way the Church is moving today."

The Prayer of the PriestThe Prayer of the Priest:
Christian Meditation for Priestly Ministry

Price $12.95
Status: In Stock

Priests in all churches and ministries face great challenges today. Overwork, tensions in communities, and the social climate often wear down their zeal. Never has it been more necessary for the priestly ministry to be grounded in contemplation.  Fr. Bill Eckert and many other contributors explain how they have faced this challenge and found the spiritual depth they needed in the practice of Christian meditation as taught by John Main.  Priests, those training for ministry, and lay people concerned for their pastors and churches will find this book a source of hope, inspiration, and practical wisdom.
Forewords by Bishop Michael E. Putney and Bishop Richard Chartres.

The Prayer that Jesus Taught
Fr. Gerry Pierse
Price $12.95
Status: In Stock

Fr. Gerry Pierse offers reflections that encourage readers to engage in daily meditation by surrendering all thought and repeating a prayer word, called a mantra. Such meditation is a discipline to be followed every day as we attempt to create a space for God in which we grasp nothing and want nothing. We do not pray to be successful; we pray to be faithful.

Thomas Merton, The Modern Spirituality SeriesThomas Merton:
The Modern Spirituality Series
Price $5.95
Status: In Stock

With an introduction by Monica Furlong.
Throughout his life Thomas Merton sought for the shining God and found it in the wilderness of solitude and silence. Yet few other religious writers have written so relevantly of the problems of the contemporary world and touched the lives of so many. This book is a unique introduction to Merton's vast body of writing, ideal both for those who have met Thomas Merton before and for those reading him for the first time.

Other Books of Interest

Mystic Street, S T GeorgiouMystic Street:
Meditations on a Spiritual Path

Steve Georgiou
Price $24.95
Status: On Order

Life is a journey of faith and wonder, an odyssey of the heart.  Join author S.T. Georgiou for a walk along Mystic Street as he shares spiritual and contemplative experiences that reveal the power of grace in our everyday lives.  Deeply inspirational and renewing, these Christian-based meditations recharge the soul and illuminate our passage in an increasingly complex world.
Mystic Street centers on the author's spiritual experiences while pursuing his graduate degrees in theology.  He demonstrates how lessons of the heart are not only learned inside the classroom, but especially outside.  In these uplifting vignettes, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, the visible and invisible intersect.  A fascinating book filled with hope, life, light, and a marvelous sense of serendipity.

The Isle of Monte Cristo, S T GeorgiouThe Isle of Monte Cristo:
Finding the Inner Treasure

Steve Georgiou
Price $24.95
Status: On Order

The Isle of Monte Cristo is S.T. Georgiou's third book of spiritual reflections grounded in the life and work of Robert Lax (1915-2000), poet, mystic and friend of Thomas Merton. The meditations continue to explore his understanding of the divine Presence in everyday life.
Drawing from his wide range of scholastic and creative experiences that highlight his faith journey, Georgiou imparts how life is an inner pilgrimage that ultimately leads to the treasure of the Christ, hidden in our hearts.
Georgiou's interior trek began on Patmos where St. John experienced the Revelation. There Georgiou serendipitously met Lax, the much-beloved poet and hermit, who became his mentor. In this book a circle of love completes itself. As Br. Patrick Hart, last secretary to Thomas Merton, makes evident: "Like his mentor, Georgiou is a teacher whose lesson-plan focuses on agape, the highest and purest form of love."

The Way of the Dreamcatcher, S.T. GeorgiouThe Way of the Dreamcatcher,
Spirit Lessons with Robert Lax:
Poet, Peacemaker, Sage

Steve Georgiou

Price $16.95
Status: In Stock

A disillusioned young man journies to a remote Greek island in search of renewal. By chance he meets an elderly hermit who helps him in his quest. The sage turns out to be none other than Robert Lax, a major minimalist poet and close friend of Thomas Merton, the famed Trappist Monk, and Ad Reinhardt, the abstract Expressionist.
Their conversations offer an unprecedented and revealing description of the man Thomas Merton said "was born with the deepest sense of who God was" and Jack Kerouac once described as "a strange, wonderful laughing Buddha."

Fr. John Main O.S.B. (1926 - 1982)

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