John Main Christian Meditation - WCCM

By means of the mantra we leave behind all passing images

and learn to rest in the infinity of God himself.

- John Main O.S.B.

Donald Main

Looking for a personal introduction to Christian Meditation?

Donald Main (one of Fr. John Main's nephews) is available for private or public sessions to introduce individuals and/or groups to this ancient prayer practice.
Donald has over 18 years of experience with meditation, during which time he has attended multiple meditation groups in Canada, Ireland, Poland and the USA.
He started and led two weekly groups, one in San Francisco and another in New York City. He also led an introductory meeting for a weekly group in Mystic, CT, USA and helped restart a group in Warsaw, Poland.

While the teachings on this way of prayer are simple, many find the discipline quite difficult when they begin and have many questions about the practice. Having someone guide you through the introductory period can be invaluable in helping you continue along the lifelong path of meditation.

Even though all are welcome to attend any of the free groups that meet world wide, many are unable to get to a meeting, or for personal reasons would rather not attend one of these groups. This is where Donald can provide assistance.

Donald lives in Quechee, VT, so he is primarily available for introductory sessions in the Quechee area. Introductory meetings can be in a business/office, church, or a home setting and given the current pandemic concerns will only be conducted when it is safe to do so.
The minimum number of individual introductory sessions is one (2 hours in length). However, the highly recommended number of introductory sessions is twelve, spread out over 12 weeks (1st session of 2 hours, with all following sessions being 1 hour in length). Each session includes a 20 to 30 minute period of silent meditation.
Donald's suggested minimum fee is $60/hour for one person. Fees for group introductions, or locations outside of the Quechee area, are negotiated depending on the number of attendees and the location for the introductory session.
For more information, or to book an introductory session with Donald, please fill out the following form: